Monday, May 23, 2022
UK & WorldPioneering research on CO2 leaks

Pioneering research on CO2 leaks

Credit: Creative Commons

By Naomi Mills

Scientists have developed pioneering testing to identify environmentally unfriendly leaks of CO2.

The team of researchers from the University of Edinburgh have created a technique which detects leakages from carbon capture and storage (CCS) sites.

The testing is able to detect tiny traces of inactive natural gases, knows a noble gases that are found in CO2. From the strength of these noble gases the scientists can then tell the depth of it’s source and thus pinpoint its exact location.

Recent CCS projects in northern Europe andCanadahave created increasing worry amongst locals over health implications from potential CO2 leaks

Dr Stuart Gilfillan of the University’s Schoolof GeoSciences, who led the studies, said: “Carbon capture and storage is a useful way to curb emissions of greenhouse gases, and reliably storing captured CO2 is critical to its success.

“Our method of identifying any leaks should provide assurance to communities close to carbon storage sites.”

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