Tuesday, August 16, 2022
NewsScottish NewsO Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, Your branches brown delight us!

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, Your branches brown delight us!

Archie's tree has been up for five years (File picture)

A CHRISTMAS tree could be the oldest in Scotland– after being continually on display for five years.

Archie Marshall first put his tree up in 2007 after buying it from a garden centre in Perth for just £25.

But after forgetting to take it down by Twelfth Night, the day decorations are traditionally supposed to be removed to avoid bad luck, he decided to leave it where it was.

Despite standing in the 47-year-old’s living room for a grand total of 1486 days, the tree still has all its needles, though they have long since turned brown.

The physics teacher hasn’t even had to change the fairy lights – which “work perfectly” despite being turned on every day.

Archie said: “The same fairy lights have been switched on every day for more than four years, which is amazing. And they’re low voltage so they haven’t pushed my electricity bills up much.”

The tree also sports its original baubles, crackers and tinsel.

Archie said he wanted to spread the Christmas message all year round. He added that neighbours often used the unusual feature to direct taxis to their homes.

He said: “I think most people get some pleasure out of it. I had a card put through my Letterbox in the middle of summer from a woman who said it cheered her up when she walked past my window. That was a lovely gesture.”

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