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Top StoriesDumped lovers dish the dirt on web

Dumped lovers dish the dirt on web

David Wiltshire was inspired to set up the site by his own dating disasters (Picture by Alex Bellink)

SPURNED partners can get their own back on their ex by dishing the dirt on a new website.

Dump and Tell encourages wounded the parties to tell all about their relationship disasters.

It’s homepage proclaims: “He or she lied, cheated and made a fool of you. If you were Lilly Allen you could write a song about it and tell the world. But your not and you don’t know enough people to warn.”

But critics say the site will only display one side of the split, and could be used to make spiteful digs at former partners.

Anne Chilton and consultant at Relationships Scotland, said: “While you may assume that people post for the best of intentions there could just be maliciousness about it.

“This is open to all kinds of difficulties.”

One site user told how his marriage of 20 years ended with an argument over giving some jumpers to charity.

He wrote: “She completely lost her temper, told me how selfish I am and how she was off to find a better husband.”

Another told how she found out her partner was gay.

“My ex partner was defiantly high maintenance. It made sense when I found out he batted for the other team!”


And another woman had her relationship come crashing down after receiving a phone call from her boyfriend’s fiancée.

“I didn’t know he had a girlfriend, let alone that he was going to marry. She was shouting, telling me he was soon to be a married man and that she wouldn’t stand for it.

“That was it. He never explained himself. He just left me with a broken heart.”

And another told how she had supported her alcoholic boyfriend, paid his bail after he was arrested for assault only to be repaid by him getting intimate with one of her friends.

Despite launching just a few weeks ago, the website has already notched up almost a quarter of a million hits from jilted partners.

The website is the brainchild of 38-year-old musician and songwriter David Wiltshire, who set up the site following his own heartbreak.

He said: “I was with one woman in Germany who told me she was pregnant on the same day I found out she had been cheating on me.

“And I dated another woman who was so strange I didn’t even know what line of work she was in. She even told me she was a spy.

“I started looking into it and discovered ther isn’t a website in the world where you can just check out what somebody is like, good or bad.”

While he conceded that some people may take offence to the site, he pointed out that similar comments could already be made on social networking sites such as Facebook.

He added: “There is a right to reply and if you see something you’re not happy with then we will deal with that and remove it.”

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