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Donald Trump awarded Scottish coat of arms after four year battle

Donald Trump has been after the Scottish Coat of Arms for years

DONALD TRUMP has finally been awarded a Scottish coat of arms after a four year battle to earn the insignia.

In 2008, the business tycoon fell foul of ancient heraldic laws when he used the unofficial emblem to promote his controversial highlands golf course.

The billionaire was warned by the Court of the Lord Lyon – Scotland’s heraldic authority – that a law dating back to 1672 would disallow him to use the unregistered logo.

But he has today proudly unveiled the official coat of arms for the Trump International Golf Links Scotland.

Mr Trump – who chose the Menie Estate, Aberdeenshire, to build his championship links course – is known for proudly speaking of scottish roots, often referring to his Lewis-born mother.

Sarah Malone, executive vice-president of Trump International- Scotland, said a lot of thought had gone into creating the emblem, which will officially represent the Scottish brand.

“The coat of arms brings together visual elements that signify different aspects of the Trump family heritage and importance of this project,” she said.


“The Lion Rampant makes reference to Scotland and the stars to America.

“Three chevronels are used to denote the sky, sand dunes and sea- the essential components of the site- and the double-sided eagle represents the dual nature and nationality of Trump’s heritage.

“The eagle clutches golf balls making reference to the great name of golf, and the moto “Numquam Concedere’ is Latin for Never Give Up-Trump’s philosophy.”

She added: “We own a portfolio of outstanding golf courses and Trump International Golf Links, Scotland- a championship links course in the home of golf- is set to be the jewel in the crown.”

Despite the Court of the Lord Lyon’s 700-year-old history, heraldry is still a big business.

Between 1975 and 2000, 5,000 emblems were registered and added to the official public record.

Work on Mr Trump’s course -which he claims is the best in the world- is now complete and 3,0000 golf enthusiasts have already signed up to play on the prestigious course.

But last week, the controversial course came under fire when the clubhouse – which is yet to be built – was handed the Zit Award for Scotland’s worst building.

Critics have likened it to a “Victorian asylum” and an “ugly monstrosity” but Aberdeenshire Council are set to approve the plans.

The single-storey building, which will be made of Scottish granite, received immediatecomplaints from the public when it was first revealed last October.

A report to councillors revealed more than 800 letters of objectionwere lodged which raise concerns about the scale and design of the building.

But despitehundreds objections, the Aberdeenshire Council Formatine area committee will rule on plans for the clubhouse at Ellon later today.


The Trump coat of arms was granted after a four year battle

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