Saturday, August 13, 2022
In BriefLifeboat in emergency dash - to "rescue" seal

Lifeboat in emergency dash – to “rescue” seal

The inshore lifeboat was called after a member of the public reported a drowning person

A DRAMATIC rescue attempt by a Scottish lifeboat crews was called off after the “casualty” turned out to be a seal.

Forth coastguard gave the order for two lifeboats to be launched from Montrose after receiving a 999 call.

But on arrival at the scene, half a mile from shore, crews of the £1.2 million all-weather boat and the smaller £39,000 inshore boat discovered their victim was a marine mammal.

A spokesman for Forth Coastguard said: “Someone thought it was a person drowning.

“It was a false alarm with good intent.”

He added: “It was swimming around quite happily.”

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