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EntertainmentSuBo's neighbours "glad" she moved away

SuBo’s neighbours “glad” she moved away

Susan Boyle's neighbours said they were glad to see the back of her.

NEIGHBOURS of SuBo say they are “glad” the international superstar has left her plush new home.

The Britain’s Got Talent star moved out of her “posh” pad last year to return to her ex-council house – just one mile down the road.

But before she moved from her home, the 50-year-old singer hinted that her new neighbours were less than welcoming.

She said: “There were different neighbours with so much toffee hanging off them. I was looking for the apples.

But now neighbours of the star, in Blackburn Midlothian, have said they are delighted to see her leave the new house.

Liz Hannah, 50, who lived next to Susan’s “posh house”, said they she plans to confront the star for suggesting that they did not make her feel welcome.

She said: “This was a quiet place before Susan moved in. Once she arrived, we had fans turning up all the time as well as the press.

“People would come along and ask Susan to sign their books, CD’s, pictures- it got particularly busy at Christmas.

“Her fans would park in our spaces and stand round the back of our house.”


Mrs Hannah said she often heard SuBo losing her temper at fans for showing up on her doorstep.

“I could hear her from inside her house,” she said.

The disgruntled neighbour said that she would be confronting the star about the “toffee” remark, the next time she sees her.

“I’m not happy about the remarks she allegedly made. Her brother John has apologised on her behalf but I’ll be asking her about it when I see her.

“I think most people round here are glad she’s gone- things are a lot quieter.”

Another resident inBlackburn, has hit out saying that the superstar made to effort to get to know her new neighbours once she moved in.

George McPhail, 65, said: “I never had any problem with Susan but she made no effort to get to know her neighbours.

“As soon as she moved in, she had a big fence erected and didn’t speak to anyone.

“I don’t know why she did that. At the time I thought maybe her management told her not to speak to people.

“But what she said about people round here was unfair.”

Susan Boyle shot to fame in 2009 when she appeared on ITV1 showBritain’s Got Talent, performing I Dreamed a Dream.

The 50-year-old sold 14million copies of her debut album which has earned in her in the region of £8million.

Her newest album, Someone to Watch over Me went on sale in November 2011.


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