Comedian Whitehouse opens Dee salmon season


By Emma Hamilton


The 2012 salmon fishing season commences today on the River Dee

COMEDIAN Paul Whitehouse opened the 2012 season on one of Scotland’s best salmon rivers today.

The funnyman, who is a keen angler, took part in the official opening ceremony at Potarch Bridge.

The angling season also benefits from a 2 week extension approved by the Scottish Government.

Mark Bilsby, River Director of the Dee District Salmon Fishery Board and River Dee Trust, said: “As the new season gets underway, we are very pleased to announce that Scottish Government has indicated approval, in principle, for our application to make the two week extension to the salmon angling season permanent.

“We expect the legislation to be laid before the Scottish Parliament in the near future.

“The impact of changes in the ocean, leading to later salmon runs, has prompted us to forge ahead with this adjustment to the season.

“We are confident that having first checked that there would be no damage to salmon populations and with our tried and tested conservation policy the extension is appropriate for the river during these difficult economic times.”

Mr Bilsby added that they must remain vigilant about the protection of future salmon populations and stated climate change as a particular concern. He said: “We at the Dee Board and River Dee Trust are not however taking improving catches for granted.

“Changes in the environment are not just linked to the oceans but also a warming of the rivers and tributaries closer to home through climate change.

“We are determined to do everything within our power to mitigate these consequences of climate change.

“To this end we aim to start work this summer on the Upper Dee Riparian Woodland Scheme.

“This is a hugely ambitious £2.4 million project to establish native trees over 50 kilometers of riverbank.

“As they grow, they will help to reduce water temperatures during the summer months in what is crucial salmon spawning and nursery areas.

“It is predicted that climate change will cause temperatures to rise by several degrees over the next half century.

“We must act now to protect future salmon populations”.