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Spy camera found in leisure centre changing room

The camera was found in the changing rooms at the Beacon Leisure Centre in Burntisland

A SPY camera has been found hidden in a changing cubicle at a Scots leisure centre.

Police are investigating the discovery of the pinhole camera at a sports facility in Fife.

The tiny device was spotted by a male gym user getting changed at the Beacon Leisure Centre, Burntisland.

The find sparked searches of at least eight other sports facilities in the area.

The council-run pool is particularly popular with families and extra security has been put in place at the leisure centre by police to “safeguard the public.”

The changing facilities are communal, with separate cubicles which either men or women can use. Large signs make it clear that the use of cameras and mobiles is banned.

One worker, who did not wish to be named, said: “I believe this has been happening at other places in Fife as well.

“I think the public should know what’s going on. A man found the camera in a cubicle and handed it in.

“It is sickening, obviously he was very unhappy about it,” he added.


Since the incident, council officials have searched for similar devices  at Carnegie Leisure Centre, Duloch, Dalgety Bay, Pitreave and eight other Fife Sports and Leisure Trust buildings.

A spokesman for Fife Sports and Leisure Trust, the organisation which manages the council’s sports facilities, said it was an isolated case.

He said: “The trust is working with Fife police on this matter and can assure customer that the matter is being treated with the utmost concern.

“Following the report of this isolated incident, a full and thorough search of all the trust’s changing facilities across its 13 centres in Fife was conducted.

“All our facilities are checked thoroughly on a daily basis and changing areas are inspected regularly throughout the day by leisure centre staff.

“We have put measures in place to ensure staff are extra vigilant and are on hand to reassure customers. The trust will not tolerate any criminal activity on its premises and will continue to work with Fife police to safeguard the public.”

A Fife police spokesman said that no one had been questioned in regards to the incident and that investigations were still ongoing.

“An item was handed in at the reception of Beacon Leisure Centre in Burntisland on January 23. The item is currently subject to forensic examination.

“Fife Constabulary is working closely with the Fife Sports and Leisure Trust to deal with this isolated incident.”

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