Bespoke ice cream for Afterz


By Emma Hamilton


Tahar Javaid runs the ice cream parlour

AN ICE cream shop offering unique custom made ice cream has recently opened in the capital.

The ice cream parlour, named Afterz, is the only parlour in Scotland to use a cold stone to create personalised ice cream.

Afterz offers customers 24 unique ice cream flavours, including irn bru and bubblegum, made using award-winning Hamilton based Equi’s ice cream. along with waffles and custom made milkshakes.

The parlour, which opened last month, uses a cold stone to create unique ice cream. The frozen granite stone is said to be a chilly-20 degrees.

Ice cream is placed in the centre of the cold stone with the chosen ingredients before being mixed together to make a bespoke flavour tailored to customer desires.

Bespoke ice cream being created on the cold stone

Tahar Javaid, who runs Afterz, said: “The Cold Stone allows customers to literally mix anything and everything up with their ice cream. Choose from fresh fruit, chocolate bars, different sauces and of course lots of ice cream. Add anything you want to make it even more personal for you. You can try and stay healthy by adding fruit or go all out on the sugar overload and throw in marshmallows and hot chocolate sauce.”

“There is literally unlimited freedom of choice when using the Cold Stone, it is possible to create up to 20 million unique combination creations! There are numerous ways to have your ice cream served be it in a regular cone or a waffle cup or if you are in a hurry take it in a tub, we can accommodate your needs!”

Ice cream is not the only personalised treat the parlour offers, made to order milkshakes are also on the menu.

Mr Javaid explained: “We can take any chocolate bar you like and blend it into a tasty milkshake.

“We do a huge variety of exciting news flavours such as the popular Ferrero Roche Milkshake. Made using real Ferrero Roches it has a unique chocolate and hazelnut taste to it and range of winter warmer hot cookie shakes. ”

Afterz is located on Home Street, Tollcross in Edinburgh.





  1. Cold stone is available in over 5 shops in scotland… which i personally know. There is likely double this volume through scotland so its nothing new. They take your ice cream mix it with some bits n bobs and charge you an extra 2 quid to do it. This place is overpriced and overated. Pop into lucas if you want a proper ice cream

  2. Afterz is really really great. last night i and my friends enjoyed alot the ice cream is fantastic specially the Aftrez creations with your own choice of flavours with a great range of milkshakes .

  3. Very nice ice cream shop in my Edinburgh I really like the way you guys did .
    Yours creations with our choice its awesome. Belgian waffle with ice cream yummmmy

  4. I have tried both Lucas and Afterz and Afterz is a rip off, just like Afterz ripped off its name from a chain of ice-cream shops in London. I used to live in tooting and go there all the time. I’m really disappointed this wasn’t the original Afters but a bad imitation.

  5. I visited for the first time late yesterday afternoon and bought several scoops, but made the mistake of having them all put in the one tub, thus mixing all the flavours up. I have now tried the ice cream and initial experience/thoughts are positive. I will finish it off on Sunday night. I will have to buy just one flavour at a time and rate it out of 10 I reckon.

    However, the server could not offer a website address and write it down for me, nor offer a business card. Polite request therefore: website please and a credit-card size business card.

    Please can you advise if you sell also Mr Whippy ice cream as the big ice cream cone placed outside tends to suggest. Failing which, get rid of the big cone or start to offer it too as the soft scoop ice cream is similarly delicious.

    You have a lot of potential there with loads of incredible flavours and the sprinkles are a great idea.

    I look forward to my next visit probably after or before going to The Piece Box to savour some delicious home baking!

    Keep up the good work but heed the tweaks above.



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