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EntertainmentMone reveals marriage break-up regrets

Mone reveals marriage break-up regrets

The Scots businesswoman split with husband Michael last year

BRA queen Michelle Mone has said the end of her 20-year marriage to husband Michael five weeks ago has left her ‘crying every day.’

The businesswoman said the couple failed to make time for each other and became ‘business partners’ only.

Mone said the break-up had left her ‘numb’, and added : “I just keep thinking I’m going to be on my own for the rest of my life.”

She also compared herself to her friends who were housewives and said her business had ‘taken over’ her life.

She said: “All my friends are housewives, they’ve got great relationships.

“If I was a housewife, I’d probably still be married to Michael.”

She added: “I have failed. I have failed in my marriage.”

Glaswegian Mone announced an ‘amicable’ split with her husband Michael, also her business partner, in December.

The 40-year-old entrepreneur also believes her high profile contributed to the marriage’s failure.

She posed in her underwear for a photoshoot two years ago, which she says caused tension with her husband.

She said: “My husband is a very traditional man. Catholic. I suppose he didn’t want his wife being seen by other people.

“I think it was the first time I’ve ever gone against my husband.”

The Ultimo boss added: “I don’t have it all…. [I’m] too independent, too strong.

“I wish I was that woman who relied on her husband to do things for her. To buy her things, to cling on to [him] in the way a wife does.

“I don’t think a lot of men like independent women. I just became too strong. I wish sometimes I wasn’t me.”

She continued: “All my friends are housewives. They’ve got great relationships. If I was a housewife I’d probably still be married to Michael.

“I say to myself, why did I not want that. Why did I want to be Michelle Mone? Why did I want to start all these businesses? Why can’t I ever be satisfied with what I’ve got?

“Why can’t I just chill, become a wife? Be at home? I’m not dissing housewives, but why couldn’t that be me?

“And then maybe I wouldn’t have gone through this heartache. I think the business has taken over my life. It is my life.”

Michelle married Michael when she was 19, after leaving her school in Glasgow at 15.

She founded lingerie company Ultimo, and her business MJM International is now worth around £40 million.

She said she was “numb… crying every day….

“I’m on my own. I left my mum and dad at 19 and got married the next day.”

Mone previously announced she was quitting social networking site Twitter after the break up.

The divorce was announced by her lawyers, Harper McLeod.

In a statement issued in December, the split was described as “amicable”.

It added that: “No other parties were involved.

“Michael and Michelle’s focus will be on the welfare of their children, which is their main priority. They will continue to work together in their business MJM International.”

Mone hit the headlines in January after she spoke of her opposition to Scottish independence.

She threatened to leave Scotland in the event of a separation, citing fears over high taxes.


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