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Airbuff: Scot strips on Easyjet flight

The passenger stripped off on a flight from Germany to the UK (Picture by Tomccoll)

PASSENGERS on an EasyJet flight were astonished after a Scot stripped naked, paraded the length of the cabin, and remained naked for the rest of the journey.

The incident occurred on a Hamburg to Gatwick flight last Wednesday.

Fellow passengers said the man took his clothes off in a toilet.

He then walked back down to his seat and refused to put his clothes back on, despite the efforts of cabin crew to get him to cover up.

The airline today (Wed) praised the captain and crew for their “professional” handling of the situation.

The 35-year-old was described by passengers as slim, brown-haired and from Scotland.

A fellow traveller said: “He looked far from your average hippy and was relatively handsome, if a little unkempt, but he seemed very angry and the crew didn’t want to cause further aggravation, so they let him fly the whole journey starkers.

“On the upside, at least he was asked to keep his tray table down during the flight to strategically cover his modesty.”


The man was said to be travelling alone, and was detained by police after being brought down to earth at London Gatwick airport.

Other passengers were prevented from leaving the plane until police at the airport detained the man.

EasyJet said: “We can confirm that the incident took place on 1 February on a Hamburg to Gatwick flight and commend the Captain and crew for the calm and professional manner in which they dealt with the situation.”

A Sussex police spokeswoman said a 35-year-old man had been detained under the Mental Health Act.

She said: “Police were notified at  around 8.45pm that a man had removed his clothing during the flight and refused to put it back on.

“The man was arrested and escorted from the flight and taken to a local police custody centre for assessment.

“No police action was taken but the following day he was committed to a mental health hospital under the provision of the Mental Health Act.”

The incident is not the first case of a passenger causing chaos on a plane by stripping naked.

In 2010 Ruslan Nevcic, from Russia, forced a plane to land in Vladivostok after bursting out of an aircraft toilet running around the cabin naked.

He was eventually overpowered by cabin crew.

In 2009 Keith Wright, from New York, forced a US Airways internal flight to Los Angeles to divert to Albuquerque after he stripped naked.

He had to be handcuffed to a row of seats after running around the plane.

The plane continued on to LA, and passengers were reminded in an announcement: “please keep your clothing on.”

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