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Vampires suck the life out of island community in new comic

The comic reimagines the evacuation of Hirta (Picture by Otter)

A VAMPIRE infestation on one of Scotland’s most remote islands led to the islands abandonment, according to a new comic book.

School Of The Damned depicts the real-life evacuation of St Kilda in 1930 and places responsibility with a fictional blood-sucking creature.

The creepy comic is now set to be made into a blockbuster film as US producers work with a Glasgow-based film company to bring the tale to the big screen.

Marc de Launay, a director for Mandragora Productions, said: “We have struck a live action film option for School Of The Damned.

“I’m currently working with two LA producers who are very excited about it and we have a first-look deal with a major studio in LA.

“The script process is likely to take at least a year, so early stages as yet.”

School Of The Damned opens on St Kilda, an island group 41 miles to the west of the Western Isles, during August 1930.

It is set during the actual month when the last remaining 36 St Kildans abandoned the main island of Hirta after several islanders died during a harsh winter.

The island had been inhabited since prehistoric times.

Written by John Farman, Jim Devlin and Dave Alexander, School Of The Damned was the third comic title to be released by Glasgow-based Blackhearted Press last October.

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