Wandering Cupid rescued from Scots countryside

Lynne found Cupid wandering near her farm

A PIG which spent two weeks wandering in the Scots countryside has been named Cupid by rescuers.

The male pig was discovered wandering in an unclassified road in West Lothian on Monday morning.

He was herded into a hay barn belonging to local resident Lynne Farquharson, who alerted the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The lack of identification tags or tattoos leads experts to believe Cupid is a pet rather than a farm animal.

Lynne, 37, owns the farm near Armadale, West Lothian, where 80kg Cupid was found.

She said: “We found him wandering on the back road so we put him in a truck and brought him here.

“The SSPCA named him Cupid because he was found just before Valentine’s Day.”


Asked what kind of pet Cupid was making, Lynne said, like all pigs, he wanted to uproot everything.

She said: “He went through a wooden gate to our garden.

“But he’s a nice enough wee beast I just don’t know if he’s curious or destructive by nature.

Cupid is a typical pig who enjoys uprooting things

“He’s quite affectionate he loves getting his belly rubbed.”

She added: “I think he was abandoned. Maybe he got too much for someone. He was seen wandering a few weeks ago. For that length of time for it not to be reported makes me think he was abandoned.

“He’s currently getting a veterinary assessment and some treatment soon. He might have arthritis, his leg is definitely injured.

“There was a reported sighting of him near a building site so if he was somewhere like that it could have happened to him then.

“We’ll probably have to keep him but we wouldn’t really mind. The enclosure is big enough so that he’s comfortable, so that’s the main thing.

Senior Inspector Stuart Murray said, “Initial enquiries have revealed that this pig has been on the loose since 29 January and possibly before.

“He is a young neutered male who is quite lame but otherwise in good bodily condition.

“The fact that he does not have any identification marks suggests that he may have been kept as a pet.

“Pigs have become fashionable pets in recent times, but a cute little piglet can soon grow into a large and boisterous adult pig and this can result in the animal being abandoned.

“We don’t know whether Cupid has escaped from home or been abandoned, but either way we are keen to track down his owner.”

Anyone who recognises Cupid is encouraged to call the Scottish SPCA Animal Helpline on 03000 999 999.