Hundreds of babies born in new birth centre

The new birth centre has had great success since it officially opened in January

NHS LOTHIAN’S new Birth Centre has celebrated its first month in operation since it was officially launched earlier this year.

Expectant mums began using the centre in October and staff have welcomed almost 420 tots into the world. The £2.8 million facility has been designed to give women a more homely environment to deliver their baby.

It provides another option for expectant mums in Lothian, alongside hospital and home births. Around 1,500 women a year are expected to have their babies in the birth centre.

Feedback has been hugely positive and staff have been praised for their hard work. Frances McGuire, Clinical Midwifery Manager, said staff were right to be proud of their achievements.

“The birth centre is designed for women who want to give birth in a more homely environment, but that does not mean that safety is compromised”

She added: “Childbirth can be unpredictable and we often have plenty of challenges along the way.We had to contend with a power cut last year during the hurricane-force storms, but we adapt as we have been trained to do in order to maintain excellent levels of care.”

The new facility was developed to help manage the significant increase in the number of babies being born in the Lothian area – up from 8,538 in 2004 to 9,915 in 2010.

Jackie Sansbury, Chief Operating Officer, NHS Lothian, said: “Staff at the birth centre are providing an excellent service and they are right to be proud of the work they are doing.”