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Care home nurse attacks colleague

Karen Jean Setter is said to have flown in to a rage after discovering a fellow nurse on an unscheduled break. She was not present at today's hearing.

A NURSE has been accused of launching a furious attack on another medic, swearing and slapping her hard across the face – in a care home for seriously ill patients.

Karen Jean Setter is said to have flown in to a rage after discovering a fellow nurse on an unscheduled break, throwing a set of keys at her and repeatedly yelling four-letter words.

De View Court, in Aberdeen, cares for people with serious brain injuries and disorders including multiple sclerosis and motor neurone disease.

The nurse was not present at today’s (Thu) hearing of the Nursing and Midwifery Council in Edinburgh.

Nurse Mavis Samson gave evidence about the events of January 2010, her voice frequently cracking with emotion.

She said she had to take her tea break later than usual “due to residents’ demands”,  but ensured other staff were sufficiently covered.

“I went on my break knowing that there would be sufficient assistance. There were no emergencies that I was aware of.”

Ms Samson said she was in the tea room when “Karen Setter burst in with some force, stood in the entrance and looked at me”.

She added: “She appeared angry and red faced. She shouted I was not supposed to be on my break at that time.

“I was surprised at the way she was talking to me. I remained calm and told her I was still on my break. She became even angrier after that.

“She souted at me words to the effect of f*** off and said she was tired of folks who didn’t take their breaks on time.”

Ms Samson said the nurse thew the keys to the drug cupboard at her.

“The keys hit me with some force on the abdomen. I was very upset and told her she must not treat me like this and she must stop.”

Ms Samson said the keys were left on the floor and, in a another part of the home, she reminded Ms Setter of this.

“She looked red faced and angry,” said Ms Samson. “She stood very close to me, invading my personal space, and shouting she was ‘tired of your f****** attitude.”

“She repeatedly shouted ‘f***.’ I was very intimidated.

“I walked away because I was scared and did not want confrontation.

“She then slapped me once very hard on the left hand side of my face.

“I was very shocked… ‘Why, why?’ I asked.”

Other staff members then came to help, and Ms Setter tried to leave, she said.

The home’s managers were told about the incident.

Ms Samson said she was ‘extremely upset and crying’ after the attack

The NMC said Ms Setter did not respond to their letter asking her to come to the hearing.

But the case presenter said she had admitted to the attack to a colleague in a disciplinary hearing.

The hearing, before a panel chaired by Brian Yates, continues.

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