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Gran who came back from the dead says first words

Lorna Baillie spoke her first words after coming back from the dead following a massive heart attack

BACK from the dead grandmother Lorna Baillie has spoken her first words since suffering a massive heart attack.

The 49-year-old astonished her family and doctors by coming back to life 45 minutes after medics declared her “technically dead” and withdrew treatment.

Mrs Baillie, who is making a remarkable recovery, told her family as they left her Edinburgh hospital room yesterday (Sun): “Bye – I love you.”

The former auxiliary nurse, from Prestonpans, East Lothian, collapsed at home on February 10.

Paramedics and doctors battled to save her for three hours before telling the family all hope was gone and they should say their final goodbyes.

The grief-stricken family members kept a bedside vigil beside her and began to see signs of life in the mother-of-four.

The family watched in amazement as the colour began to creep back into Lorna’s face, her eyes opened and she squeezed her eldest daughter’s hand.

A nurse at first reassured the family that these were the normal after-effects of medical treatment but a doctor was eventually called and found a pulse.


Mrs Baillie’s eldest daughter, Leanne Porteous, 31 said her power of speech had suddenly returned over the weekend

She said: “It’s just wonderful.

Lorna is now recovering after doctors told her family to say their goodbyes

“She continues to do better and better. Yesterday she said ‘hi and bye’ and then when we were leaving the hospital she said ‘Bye – I love you.’

“We had been saying ‘I love you’ to her all the time, so it felt magical to hear her say it back”

Leanne said that she felt her mother had not lost her “wicked sense of humour”.

She said: “I can see a glint in her eye and you can see her wicked sense of humour coming through. She tried to speak to my younger sister Charlene and when she couldn’t understand she looked at my father and said ‘you heard!’ it was like she was having a good giggle with my dad about Charlene.

“It’s just amazing, she is a miracle. She recognises my father and says ‘husband’ when he walks into the room. She is saying new words all the time.

“I really feel like she recognises all of the family now. She nods her head when we are speaking and she understands when we ask her questions.

The TV-addict mum even managed to let family members know when the credit on her hospital television ran out. Leanne said: “She pointed at the TV and said ‘cash’.”

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