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Hearts-daft dad takes to Facebook in bid to name son Hartley

A SOCCER-daft dad will name his unborn baby after a Hearts star – if he can get 1,000 “likes” for the idea on Facebook.

Grant McDermid wants to give his boy the middle name Hartley,  in honour of Paul Hartley’s Scottish Cup heroics in 2006.

But mum-to-be Emma Wilson will only give Grant the green light if he gets the support of 1,000 people on the social media site.

Grant McDermid’s partner has agreed to the name – but only if he gets enough support

With the big day due on April 2, Grant already has 616 “likes” and is confident of being able to name his son Josh Hartley McDermid.

April 2 also happens to be the sixth anniversary of the Hampden Park semi-final derby which Hearts won 4-0, paving the way for their Scottish cup victory.

With that in mind, the Hearts fan said he immediately thought about the name as soon as he heard the due date was the same.

He said: “As soon as I heard the due date I thought of Hartley’s finest moments against Hibs.

“My mates and I were having a bit of banter about it when Emma stupidly said that if I got 1000 people to like it on Facebook then she’d allowed it.

“My friend, Alex McCluskie, helped me set up the page on Saturday night and we couldn’t believe that we had over 200 by Sunday.

“Emma still thought we’d never get near the full 1000 though.

“She’s changing her mind now though.

“I’m aware that due dates aren’t exactly set in stone so even if he’s born before or after April 2 we’ll still do it.

“It would be too late to back out by then. Besides he’ll still carry the name of a Hearts legend.”

Paul Hartley, 35, left Hearts in 2007 to join Celtic.

He then had a stint with Aberdeen before going on to manage at Alloa Athletic last year.

The 35-year-old said he was honoured by the tribute.

“I think it’s a nice gesture, if a little odd,” he said.

“It’s great to see that the Hearts fans still think of me, as I had some great times at the club.

“I wish Grant, Emma and Josh all the best in life and maybe one day there will be another Hartley in a Hearts shirt.”

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