McCall Smith takes thespians to task on Twitter


AUTHOR Alexander McCall Smith has revealed his distaste for celebrity culture, hitting out at film stars by saying ‘mechanics are far worthier than thespians.’

The Edinburgh-based writer took to Twitter to inform his fans of his views on people ‘swooning’ over film stars.

The 63-year-old voiced his opinion after a visit to the National Galleries in London where he overheard a visitor boasting of their connection to a painter.

McCall Smith tweeted after a visit to the National Galleries in London.

He also told of his visit to Essex Literary Festival, where he said the region had an ‘unfortunate and undeserved reputation.’

He told his 6,000 fans on Twitter today: “On a visit to the National Gallery in London, I overhead this: “That was painted, you know, my my great-grandfather’s sister’s aunt.”

“Robert Garioch’s poem, Glisk of the Great, captures it so well – that feeling that some of it (greatness) rubs of on us, hence our delight in seeing some well-kent heid-yin (as they say in Scotland – trans: some well known high-up). “I saw …” we say, as if it mattered.””

He continued: “Yet I have never understood the excitement felt over actors and film-stars. People swoon, but why?

“Mechanics are far worthier than thespians.”

He Tweeted after a visit to the Essex Book Festival, where he gave a well-received talk in how he manages to write so many books a year.

After airing his views on celebrities, the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency writer Tweeted: “Tour over. Did literary lunch at Norwich Football Club – home of Delia, great cook.

“Then Essex Literary Festival where they bemoaned their unfortunate and undeserved reputation. Essex has charming villages, nice people; not all like the stereotypes.”

His views on actors were well echoed by his fans, with 24-year-old student Natalie Rowan saying: “To me, “celebs” are just people, just other humans, with different talents to me. No reason for extra attention!””