Thief steals 18 mobile phones from school PE changing rooms


A THIEF twice snuck in to a Scots high school and stole 18 mobile phones from PE changing rooms.

Last Friday items were stolen from a girls changing room at Leith Academy in Edinburgh while an S3 class were taking part in a PE lesson.

On Monday, it is claimed, the thief hid out in the boys shower area at the school before snatching more mobile phones.


Lothian police are currently investigating the matter

Police are currently investigating claims the culprit managed to twice sneak into the school unnoticed in the space of a week.

One concerned former pupil, who has a sibling at the school, said security needed to be stepped up to prevent such an incident in the future.

The former pupil, who asked not to be named, said: “Those girls were only 13 and 14 years old, this could have been a much more serious incident.

“The fact it has happened twice in a week shows you the security needs tightened up. The first time it was in the girls changing room. Pupils had noticed their phones and things had gone missing, they reported it
to the PE teacher and it was passed on to the management.

“When the CCTV was checked they saw him. Apparently he had covered himself up. He was wearing a long scarf.

“He must have known the layout of the school because he knew exactly where the changing rooms were and he knew when the kids were going to do P.E.

“A lot of the pupils are paranoid now, they know he has been in the changing room while they have been getting changed.”

The community school has almost 1000 pupils and hosts adult education classes, some of which take place after school hours.

The former pupil added: “You can just walk in through the front door, they never make anybody sign in or out.

“The school has not contacted parents about this or anything – I think it is trying to keep it under wraps.”

A spokeswoman for Edinburgh Council said: “I can confirm that a man entered the school and we now believe he stole mobile phones from the PE changing rooms.

“The matter is currently being dealt with by the police.”

Lothian and Borders Police added: “Police are following a positive line of inquiry following the theft of property from a school in Edinburgh.

“Around 18 mobile phones have been reported stolen from Leith Academy.

“Officers are conducting inquiries to identify who is responsible as well as working with staff and pupils to provide crime prevention advice to precent any other incidents.”