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EntertainmentTowie wag in vicious Twitter catfight over her looks

Towie wag in vicious Twitter catfight over her looks

WAG Maria Fowler is locked in a vicious Twitter catfight with followers over her looks.

The Scots-based star of The Only Way Is Essex has suffered constant cruel jibes about her “horse face” and “massive forehead”.

Maria, who lives in Perth with her footballer boyfriend Lee Croft, has tweeted back just as viciously, branding her critics fat, ugly wannabes.

The Towie star has been responding to cruel twitter jibes about her looks.

The Page 3 girl normally tweets about her “glamorous” lifestyle in the Fair City, keeping her 300,000 followers up to date with the latest hairdo and lunch arrangements.

But she has received a torrent of abuse from followers in the past two weeks.

A tweet today from follower @kirstenharper, said: “Your massive forehead annoys me #FACT”.

Maria, 25, hit back: “based on your profile picture I really hope you used to be a man because no women deserves to be born that size #FAIL #Mare.”

Another tweeter yesterday taunted Maria over her role in The Only Way is Essex, asking her:  “Why would people be Jel of someone who doesn’t want to pay their way? you were an extra on a TV show!”


The feisty star replied: “@beckstares hahaha I still have a better life than u, isn’t it ur lunch break yet? #Goat”

@PerrySophie sent the cruel tweet to Maria: “if I had a horse face like you I would wanna kill myself! #uglybitch.

Maria deployed the sarcastic response: “Wish I looked like u. Life would b good :(.”

Maria defended herself against one regular critic who made fun of her looks, tweeting: “@Claireprice1987 do u seriously keep trying to take the piss out of the way I look?? Your no oil painting you weird little girl! #Blocked.”

And when @Bradmason8 made fun of the star’s forehead, asking: “has your forehead got a name?, she responded: “Hahahahaha your profile pic screams “Wannabe””

Last week, Maria issued a general riposte via Twitter. “Anyways…. Let bitter nasty people be bitter and nasty,” she wrote. “I’m off to have a yummy dinner in Antigua.”

It seems she is not the only reality TV show to receive abuse from twitter users. Maria re-tweeted her former TOWIE co-star Lucy Mecklenburgh, when she wrote: “I am sick of weirdos on twitter !! Is ur life really that pathetic u have to write horrible things! U need to get out more!!!”

Dyslexic Dragons’ Den star Duncan Bannatyne last week blasted the “bullies” who criticised his spelling on Twitter.

Miss Fowler recently moved from Essex to Perth with her footballer boyfriend Lee Croft, who is on loan to St. Johnstone. The couple expect to stay in Scotland until mid may.

The Glamour model grew up in Derby and has been romantically linked to both Jack Tweed and Aston Merrygold in the past and split from F1 test driver Adam Khan in March 2010.

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