Picture special: how Gilroy’s attempt to escape justice fell apart


DAVID Gilroy, convicted today of the murder of book-keeper Suzanne Pilley, did his best to maintain an aura of normality as the police net closed in on him.

During the late spring and early summer of 2010, at his home in the Silverknowes area of Edinburgh, Deadline photographers documented a killer under increasing pressure – and the police closing in.

May 21, 2010: Gilroy talks to the media after returning from a police interview in connection with the disappearance of Suzanne




May 21, 2010: Gilroy takes shopping in to his home as the media circle



May 21, 2010: Gilroy denies involvement in Suzanne's disappearance shortly after speaking to police



May 24, 2010: The killer becomes a victim of crime after his home is broken into




May 24, 2010: As police investigate a break-in at his home, Gilroy continues to insist he had nothing to do with the disappearance of Suzanne



June 23, 2010: Police arrive at Gilroy's home




June 23, 2010: Nothing is overlooked as detectives scour the garden of the property in Silverknowes, Edinburgh, looking for clues.



June 23, 2010: Police take away bags of evidence from Gilroy's home.




June 24, 2010: The beginning of the end for Gilroy as he leaves court on bail after being charged with Suzanne's murder.