TIMELINE: Suzanne Pilley murder investigation


4th May 2010 – Suzanne Pilley fails to arrive at work after the Bank Holiday weekend.


11th May 2010 – Public appeal for information in St Andrew Square, Edinburgh featuring large-scale screen and ad trailer.

12th May 2010 – Last sighting of Suzanne on CCTV is confirmed as being at 8.51am, 4th May, coming out of Sainsbury’s, St Andrew Square. Four officers are brought in from other forces (Tayside, Dumfries and Galloway and Fife) as mutual aid to help scour the 60 different bits of footage seized.

14th May 2010 – New CCTV footage shows Suzanne on North St David Street, about to turn into Thistle Street, around 8.55am. Police appeal for people in taxi in CCTV to come forward, and the firm is identified as a result of media appeal.

15th May 2010 – Taxi driver seen in CCTV footage is identified.

16th May 2010 – Police support facebook appeal page created by Suzanne’s friends, and confirm consultants from the National Policing Improvement Agency are supporting the inquiry.

19th May 2010 – Police confirm they now have CCTV footage of Suzanne just outside her office on Thistle Street at 8.53am, and they are treating the inquiry as a murder investigation.

20th May 2010 – Press call at Rest and Be Thankful, police appeal for information regarding the movements of a silver vehicle in the area on 5th May.

21st May 2010 – David Gilroy tells reporters on his doorstep that he did not murder her, and that their relationship ended in January 2010.

25th May 2010 – A team of four officers are to work from Lochgilphead Police Station to follow up on information in the area.

4th June 2010 – Police confirm specialist dogs have been deployed in areas of specific interest in Argyll.

23rd June 2010 – David Gilroy is charged with the murder of Suzanne Pilley.

24th June 2010 – David Gilroy appears at Edinburgh Sheriff Court charged with the murder of Suzanne Pilley.

14th/15th August 2010 – Mountain rescue teams from all over Scotland join police to conduct a large-scale search of the area around the Argyll Forest.

27th January 2011 – Police release CCTV footage of two people seen in Thistle Street the morning Suzanne disappeared. They are the only two people that have not been identified and spoken to as part of the inquiry. They are traced as part of the appeal.

20th February 2012 ­ – Trial of David Gilroy commences

22nd February 2012 – Jury visit workplace of David Gilroy and Suzanne Pilley

13th March 2012 – Jury retire to consider verdict

15th March 2012 – David Gilroy found guilty of murder of Suzanne Pilley

18th April 2012 – David Gilroy due for sentence at the High Court in Edinburgh