Zoo hoping Lynx effect will encourage panda love-making


Edinburgh Zoo are hoping to encourage their most famous residents to make panda cubs – using the Lynx effect.

With mating season just about to kick off, the whole world will be watching giant pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guang in the hope that they will move beyond flirty glances.

Lynx has today been announced as the official partner for the panda mating season at Edinburgh Zoo.

Zoo keepers are hoping to encourage the pandas love-making

Lynx recently caused a stir amongst the human species with the release of their “For Him” and “For Her” Attract range.The coming together of the two new editions encouraged people up and down the country to “Unleash the Chaos” wherever they are.

Now Edinburgh Zoo is being offered some sexy pearls of wisdom from the makers of Lynx Attract ‘For Him’ & ‘For Her’, which could help Unleash the Chaos for Tian Tian and Yang Guang, resulting in some hanky-panky panda action and, hopefully, giant panda cubs.

Talking about the prospect of animal attraction, Lynx Attract brand manager, Kieran Danaher, said: “With the launch of Lynx Attract ‘For Him’ & ‘For Her’ we’ve effectively doubled the power of the Lynx Effect – it’s the perfect time to partner with Edinburgh Zoo and use our attraction know-how to help out with panda mating season.” Tian Tian’s hormones are being monitored closely by Zoo keepers, who believe that the best time for the pandas to mate may be nearing.

But the fuzzy couple will have to be quick, female pandas are only interested in mating for three days of the year. If successful, it will be seen a huge boost for the giant panda, currently an endangered species, and the first panda cub ever to be born in the UK.