Tablet proves a sweet sensation


WAITROSE is to extend its confectionery range in its Scottish stores after the success of their Butter tablet tubs.

The range will include fudge and macaroon sweets.

Waitrose is the only supermarket supplied by Highland Croft Confectionery whose Butter Tablet – an addictive concoction of sugar, milk, condensed milk and butter – is already sold in the retailer’s four Scottish branches.

And two John Lewis Food halls in London will stock the tablet over the summer, as part of a special ‘Best of British’ feature because it is such an iconic Scottish sweet.

The tablet has been a hit with Waitrose customers

Highland Croft Confectionery is one of the brands from Muircroft Group, whose owners have over 40 years of experience in the sector. They started by producing lemon curd in a private kitchen and have grown the business to include their own purpose -built premises in Perthshire.

Tim Devenish, Sales Director said how pleased they were to have established a strong relationship with Waitrose.

“It’s very refreshing for family businesses to find large organisations that have managed to maintain approachability and good values throughout their firm.

“We believe our Tablet to be the best “homemade style” available, with a beautiful aroma, a melt-in-the-mouth texture and a delicious taste. It’s also completely free from artificial nasties.

“We’re proud to have secured a listing in Waitrose Scottish stores and it’s great for our business that London shoppers will soon be able to enjoy this traditional Scottish sweet.”

Tracey Marshall, Product Manager – Local & Regional for Waitrose said: “This tablet has the lovely, homemade taste everyone is looking for, as does the Fudge and Macaroon – which are all manufactured by a second generation family business. To the uninitiated, it may look just like fudge but tablet is tablet – a gorgeous, sugar-filled hit for the taste buds that we think deserves a much wider audience.”