Friday, July 1, 2022
In BriefScience festival examines the secrets to success

Science festival examines the secrets to success

The Edinburgh International Science Festival are setting out to discover the secret of success.

The festival launched an on-line public participation survey today, lead by psychiatrist Dr Raj Persaud.

Members of the public are being asked what they think is the secret of a successful future, based on questions about education, looks and gender.

Scientists to examine the “secrets to success”

Dr Raj Persaud said “Some evolutionary psychologists now argue that behavioural scientists have not yet distinguished between what demands modern life makes upon us which are ‘evolutionarily novel’ in contrast to which are closer to being part of human nature, or what we evolved to being good at naturally.

“While a person can be academically outstanding – a learned and therefore novel achievement – they may not be good at making friends – an evolutionarily imprinted achievement.   This survey aims to test these theories and to find out what really are the secrets of success.”

Dr Persaud will be revealing the results of the survey, and discussing the theories behind the research, at an event at the Edinburgh International Science Festival on Monday 2April 2012.

To participate in the survey, go to the Science Festival website on

Full details of all the activities across the Edinburgh International Science Festival, and all tickets, can be found at

Tickets can also be purchased by phone through the Science Festival Box Office on 0844 557 2686 or in person at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival shop,180 High Street,Edinburgh(open 10.30am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday, 11.00am to 5.30pm Saturday).

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