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Trump blasts “small-minded” Scots video makers

TYCOON Donald Trump has described critics who lampooned him in a hit YouTube video as “small-minded” and “sarcastic”.

Queen legend Brian May gave his permission for a reworking of Bohemian Rhapsody as the backing to the video, which showed a Trump puppet berating his opponents.

But Trump, who has run into stiff opposition over his plan for a luxury golf resort on the Aberdeenshire coastline, today hit back.

Trump puppet,  above,  seen in the YouTube video 

A spokeswoman for the New York-based billionaire said: “We all know that famous people and great media figures are easy targets for criticism, particularly by small minded individuals who can only find expression through sarcasm and ridicule.

“We’ve seen it all before.”

The seven-minute-long video has now had over 2,600 hits since going “live” on Sunday March 25.

In it, a leathery-looking latex Trump sings: “This is the real thing, living the fantasy, started a landslide, no escaping our destiny. Open your eyes, look up and you’ll see me, I’m just a rich kid, I’m no nonentity.

The puppet continues the song, while images of the golf course flicker behind him, as well as photos of campaigners protesting on the site.

Trump puppet sings in front of the Aberdeen links course 

“Listen you better understand, that I’m gonna see this through and there ain’t nothing you can do, I’ve got the power because I’m filthy rich, and you ain’t got two beans, ain’t that a bi**h, I’m Donald OOOO.”

But despite the video going down like a lead balloon in camp Trump, fans of the video took to the popular video site to sing their praises.

One visitor said: “Love the song and how nice to see the residents who have at all times remained dignified and admirably strong in the face of all the nasty tricks Trump has thrown at them.

Another said: “Ha ha! So hilarious, the hair flying about the place! Funnier every time you watch it!”

The woman behind the video, Hazel Cameron, 52, said she was “thrilled” with how it turned out.

The freelance writer said: “It took nearly two years to complete but we are thrilled with it.”

The real Donald Trump failed to see the funny side 

Ms Cameron said she first thought of the idea in 2010, when she and her friends were talking about Mr Trump’s plans over a drink in an Edinburgh pub.

The 52-year-old said she was “furious” with Mr Trump’s plans and said she felt she “had to do something” to raise awareness about the links course.

Together with partner Dmytro Morykit, film-maker John Pullman and puppeteer Frances Wright, the film was created in 18 months.

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