Donald Trump asked to reconsider wind power opposition


ENVIRONMENTALISTS have called on Donald Trump to reconsider his opposition to a windfarm off the coast of his golf course.

Responding to the news today that renewable energy company 2-B Energy has joined forces with Scottish Enterprise (SE) to deliver cutting-edge offshore wind technology with the potential to reduce costs by up to 45%, Dr Richard Dixon, Director of WWF Scotland said: “This announcement is another vote of confidence in Scotland as the place to come to develop marine renewable energy technology.

“With our offshore engineering skills, our huge wind and wave power resources and strong renewables targets, Scotland has a bright future in clean, green energy.

“Along with increased energy efficiency, renewable energy technologies of all kinds will be needed to help Scotland tackle climate change.

“Wind power works, it cuts emissions and creates jobs. This is something Donald Trump needs to learn when he jets in to give evidence to Parliament later this month.

“Plans by Donald Trump to spend tens of millions pounds holding Scotland back from becoming a cleaner, greener, job creating nation are wrong and should be strongly resisted by all in the Scottish Parliament.”