Southpaw: Polar pals Walker and Arktos share a boisterous bout


PALLY polar bears Walker and Arktos greeted each other with some bearish boxing.

After the bears met each other today, they traded good-natured ursine uppercuts and hairy hooks.

Arktos arrived from Hannover Zoo in Germany on the 4th April as companion to the Highland Wildlife Park’s well-loved resident polar bear Walker.

The bears were introduced today


A year older than Walker and slightly larger, Arktos is four years old and Walker turned three in December last year.

After a short settling in period that saw Arktos housed next to Walker’s enclosure introduced the two met today.

The ‘polar pals’ will share a five acre bachelor pad, complete with a pond big enough for two and enough space for morning runs and afternoon wrestles.

Keepers hope this will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship


Douglas Richardson, Animal Collection Manager at the Highland Wildlife Park, said: “We’re delighted to have a second male polar bear join us in the Highlands.

“Great company for Walker, Arktos will provide companionship, greater enrichment and stimulation – which will enhance Walker’s suitably complex lifestyle.

“The initial signs are good that both youngsters will get on well together, judging by their first encounters.

“Immature males do tend to react well to each other when they meet, but it will be a gradual series of introductions before Arktos moves in totally with Walker.

“Walker is a great bear who is full of fun and character, and it seems that Arktos is exactly the same.  It will be great to see the pair interact with each other and observe how their companionship develops over time.

“Introducing two 400 kg carnivores is of course a tad nerve-wracking, but so far it has all been rough play that would make a professional heavy-weight wrestler proud”.