Family of Dundee murderer urged to turn him in


POLICE investigating a murder in Dundee have called on friends and family of the culprit to turn him in.

The 63-year-old victim, named locally as John Kennedy, was died following a disturbance at a house in the city’s Mossgiel Crescent at around 10.15am on Sunday.

Emergency services found Mr Kennedy with serious injuries and despite their efforts, the man was pronounced dead at the scene.

The senior investigating officer Detective Inspector Gary Ogilvie said: “Somebody knows who has done this. It may very well be that the person responsible has confided in someone they know. I would remind them that a well-liked 63-year-old man has been killed as a result of a vicious and frenzied attack and that the person responsible should face the full force of law.

“It is highly likely that the person responsible was in a very agitated or in an anxious state, after what they have done and it is unlikely that their demeanour will change. If you know who has done this, do the right thing and contact the police.”

He confirmed that enquiries so far had revealed that the deceased sold cigarettes and tobacco from his home.

DI Ogilvie said: “Through the early course of our enquiries we have established that the deceased was a well-known and well-liked man and also that he was involved in selling tobacco and cigarettes from his home address.

“It’s important to state that while this has come to our attention, it is not the focus of our enquiry. This is a murder enquiry and we want information that assists us in finding Mr Kennedy’s killer, nothing more.

“We know that there were many people that came and went from his house to buy tobacco and cigarettes and we are appealing to them to come forward and tell us what they know in relation to who they knew was a frequent visitor to that address.

“Most importantly, we want to know who was at that address on the day Mr Kennedy was murdered. He was last seen late on Sunday morning and the alarm was raised at about 10.15 that night as a man in a dark hooded top was seen leaving the area.

“We still need to trace him and to speak with anyone who was at that address or in the area that day as we continue to build an accurate picture of Sunday’s events.”

He added that enquiry team is very appreciative of the cooperation it has received from the local community, particularly those people whose daily routine has been affected by the cordon.

Householders within its perimeter have been unable to move their vehicles due to protecting the scene and continued search activity. But steps are being taken during today that will enable residents to move their cars outside the cordon.

Scenes of Crime Officers are continuing their forensic examination at the address today and officers are carrying out further door-to-door enquiries.

There will be intensive search activity in the Linlathen area during the course of today, with officers searching open land, gardens, outhouses, garages and bins wherever appropriate to the investigation. Tayside Police would also ask residents to check their own property and report anything amiss or out of place.

A review of CCTV coverage also continues and Tayside Police would ask for anyone with private CCTV in the surrounding area to contact them as it might hold information useful to enquiries.

The Home Office Large Major Enquiry System (HOLMES) continues to operate in support of the investigation.