Saturday, May 21, 2022
In BriefElderly couple in flea plea

Elderly couple in flea plea

A BUNGLING council sent a worker to an elderly couple’s home in full protective clothing after wrongly claiming the property was flea-infested.

Sandy West, 65 and his wife Helen, 61, were shocked when a carer turned up in a white protective suit and gloves more commonly worn by forensic experts at murder scenes.

The council said it was worried about a “flea risk” form their two pet dogs, but later checks revealed the house was completely flea-free.

Mrs West, from Cardenden, Fife, had only been discharged from a three-week stay in hospital last week when the carer turned up in the hazard suit.

The couple’s carer feared their Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Rory and Darcy, were carrying fleas and informed her bosses.


Performing fleas

Mr West said: “My wife received a telephone call from a supervisor at to state the carers had reported back to the office that our dogs had fleas.

“They reported that they saw fleas on our leather sofa, crawling on the wooden floor in the living room and jumping off our door handles.

“Performing fleas.

“We were told that the carers would arrive wearing protective clothing.”

He added: “Later the carer did arrive wearing a white protective suit due to the flea risk.

“I am absolutely livid at this lie, and the unprofessionalism that has been witnessed.




“I called to discuss this with the manager, as our dogs do not have fleas, never had fleas, are regularly treated for prevention of fleas, which all responsible dog owners ensure happens.

“To suggest that fleas were rampant in our home is disgusting, and quite frankly a lie and not conducive in helping my wife get better and to regain confidence.”

Mr West said their treatment by the council had set back his wife’s recovery.

He said: “I have made it clear that these three carers are not welcome in our home, but my wife needs this service as she is not 100% able.”

Fife Council team manager Marion Bell said: “Our aim is to help people live independently and safely in their own home and work with NHS Fife to provide support which meets each individual’s needs.




“The health and wellbeing of all the people in our care has to be our top priority.

“During one visit to the service users home it was suggested that fleas had been seen.

The staff member sought advice from Health and Safety and, purely as a precautionary measure, protective clothing was worn to minimise risk to staff and other service users.

“This was explained to the service user.

“A check has confirmed that there was no fleas in the home and visits are being carried out again as normal.

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