New, “truly British” cocktail launched


THE Queen’s Diamond Jubilee has seen the birth of a traditional British drink from a little known hedgerow fruit, which after years has finally produced enough fruit to make a delicious liqueur.

To celebrate the Jubilee Demijohn has created an amazing cocktail Wild Plum Bellini. Building on the idea of an original Venetian Bellini, Demijohn has developed a truly British cocktail to be sipped on Jubilee weekend and into the summer. One measure of Wild Bullace Liqueur is poured into a champagne flute and topped up with Prosecco and fresh plum puree and garnished with mint.

Similar to a damson, the Bullace is a variety of plum and its deep colour, rich, dry fruit have meant it makes a superb liqueur when steeped in gin. Produced in Worcestershire by the Hingstons Demijohn believes this is the only Wild Bullace fruit liqueur in existence. Bullace happens to grow in abundance in good years on the Hingstons neighbouring farm and they experimented and created this unusual liqueur.

Photo:Eirian EvansBullace is one of the ingredients in the coctail  Photo:Eirian Evans

Given the unpredictability of wild fruit it has taken them years to gather enough to make some Wild Bullace Liqueur. Demijohn has been lucky to get its hands on a few demijohns of it, but buy it quickly before it runs out. It has a damson-like fruity taste with a very slight bitter twist and pleasant dryness and is delicious drunk after dinner, from a hip flask or as the basis to a cocktail.

Angus Ferguson from Demijohn said: “At Demijohn we are always on for a celebration and the Queen=92s Diamond Jubilee is no exception. This new Wild Plum Bellini is the ultimate British cocktail for a Jubilee party, picnic or a simple toast.

“We are fervent about using hedgerow fruits and flowers to produce original and delicious drinks and our Wild Bullace Liqueur is exactly the type of fruit liqueur we love and as well as drinking it can be used as the basis for sauces and cocktails.”

The cocktail is priced from £34.80 per 100ml.