Tories’ anger over Scottish Government’s £4 million media contract


Alex Salmond has been accused of ducking questions over a £4million PR contract by the Scottish Conservatives.

Tory MSP John Lamont asked First Minister Alex Salmond for assurances the contract, first revealed on Deadline News, would not be used for party political purposes.

But Mr Salmond claimed the Scottish Government was “not hiring such a PR company” and pointed to a newspaper correction over the article.

Scottish Conservative chief whip John Lamont said: “This attempt to raise a laugh in the Scottish Parliament will not fool anyone who wants answers on why the Scottish Government is earmarking up to £1 million a year for media services when it already has such a considerable media operation.

“He was asked to explain this and offer guarantees that it would not be used for party political gain, but instead highlighted a minor error in a newspaper headline which bears no relevance to the question.

“It is another shameful example of the First Minister ducking out of answering a question and instead playing to the gallery.”

Mr Lamont asked the First Minister for assurances the system would not be used for “party political purposes.”

Speaking at First Minister’s Questions, Alex Salmond said: “I take it he accepts the statement was deeply mistaken and actually total nonsense?”

He added: “The information that comes from this government is information for the people of Scotland.”