Tuesday, May 17, 2022
In BriefResponse: Babies wrapped in towels

Response: Babies wrapped in towels

IT WAS reported today that newborn babies at a Scottish hospital are being wrapped in towels due to a shortage of blankets.

The story includes concerns from the Royal College of Midwives over the reports at the Princess Royal Maternity hospital.

Reacting to the news, Scottish Conservative health spokesman and deputy leader Jackson Carlaw MSP said: “The SNP has already had a shot across the bows on this issue a month ago.

“Despite the assurances, it seems the situation if anything is getting worse, and from the accounts of constituents I know this is still a problem.

“It is simply inexcusable that in a modern NHS we do not have enough blankets to wrap a newborn baby.

“The Scottish Government must address this issue at once, and not allow yet another repeat in future.

“They may have been celebrating a reduction in superbugs earlier this week, but this revelation ought to bring them back to earth immediately.”

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