Thursday, May 26, 2022
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Police raids in Lossiemouth

POLICE raids were carried out at various Lossiemouth addresses on Friday morning after growing concern that the quality of life of the town’s residents is being reduced by a group of criminals.

The group whose ages range from 12 to 46 years old has been linked to assaults, illegal supply of controlled drugs and anti social behaviour.

Police raid houses in Moray town of Lossiemouth

Police raided houses in Moray town of Lossiemouth  

Inspector Alistair Robertson, the Local Policing Inspector said: “I find it appalling that people as young as 14 are involved in drugs supply and violence.”

The Lossiemouth Local Policing Team have known of the Moray group for a substantial period of time. The raid resulted in five of the nine main suspects being arrested and work is continuing to find the other four.

The police will liaise with partners in Moray Social Work, Education and Housing as part of further steps to stop the group impacting the lives of the Lossiemouth people.

Inspector Robertson said: “I want the people of Lossiemouth to know they should not live in fear of these people and I hope that seeing such a large scale Police operation over the weekend will reassure them that we mean business.”

High visibility patrols were carried out and residents were spoken with following the raid, continuing across the weekend.

In a recent Community Tension Survey carried out by residents of the Coulardhill area of Lossiemouth, it was apparent that many residents were distressed by anti social behaviour but were too intimidated by the group of criminals to speak out.

Although the Lossiemouth Local Policing Team are working on a number of crimes, there are crimes where evidence is not adequate and people are being urged to come forward.

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