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NewsUK & WorldThe only red tape on Jubilee day should be bunting

The only red tape on Jubilee day should be bunting

Health and safety regulations should not get in the way of Jubilee street parties and celebrations next month.

The Government have said people should challenge those who wrongly use health and safety as an attempt to restrict or ban events during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee weekend.

Minister for Employment Chris Grayling said: “Hang up the bunting and challenge anyone who says otherwise. Too often we hear stories of jobsworths out to spoil everyone’s fun especially at big occasions like the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee all in the name of so called health and safety.

 The United Kingdom will be celebrating all things British on Jubilee day

The United Kingdom will be celebrating all things British on Jubilee day Photo: VOA

“There is nothing in Health and Safety law to stop you celebrating in June. If you think someone is wrongfully using health and safety you can seek advice from the Myth Busters Challenge Panel.”

The Heath and Safety Executive (HSE), the British health and safety regulator, have Jubilee tips available online for those who plan to host their own celebrations. If restrictions are met by party planners they can send details to the watchdog’s Myth Busters Challenge Panel to have them assessed.

The Department of Communities and Local Government has also published guidance on how to organise successful local events.

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles said: “The Jubilee is a great opportunity for communities from all walks of life to come together, and reinforce our shared identity and sense of Britishness. The Government has slashed back regulations on street parties, by reining back the complicated bureaucracy of forms, permissions and risk assessments – now councils need to do their bit to join in.”

Some local authorities are already trying to make the extended weekend of celebrations easier for local people. More than 3,000 people have visited Essex County Council’s Jubilee planning webpages and people in Hampshire are being told by their council that it is unnecessary to have expensive insurance.

HSE Chair Judith Hackitt said: “The Diamond Jubilee is going to be a huge celebration. We want to ensure that the hours of planning and preparation lead to successful and enjoyable events. Health and safety law does not to apply to local events organised by community volunteers and a few sensible precautions to deal with any potential minor incidents are all that is required. We are encouraging people to challenge decisions when they think health and safety is being used as an excuse and the Panel is ready to help.”

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