UK Renewable energy could prosper with £9.5m Edinburgh facility


The Scottish Conservatives say the new £9.5million wave and current test facility to be built at the University of Edinburgh highlights the benefits of Scotland being part of the United Kingdom.

The facility, which will be jointly funded by the university and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), will help develop the latest marine energy technology.

Scottish Conservative energy spokeswoman Mary Scanlon MSP said:

“For Scotland to fund its future energy needs it is imperative that we have a balanced mix which draws on all sources available to us, including wave power.

“If you listened to the SNP you would be forgiven for thinking that the only viable renewable energy technology on offer is onshore wind power, such is their obsession in covering Scotland in turbines despite local objections.

“This investment by the UK Government is another important step towards making Scotland a world leader in marine energy production.”



  1. Some believe that wind farms are able to generate electricity much cheaper than nuclear power and it is certainly much safer. I’m certainly with the SNP on that front. The one major thing that concerns me about building wind farms though is will we need to employ an army of a handymen to fix the things every time they break down? That could be costly.

    The Fukushima disaster proved that nuclear power has too many risks and dangers so I’m sticking with renewable.

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