Ninewells doctor’s consultation was “sexually motivated”


A DOCTOR who allegedly carried out a “sexually motivated” examination groped a patient’s leg and ran her leg against his crotch, a hearing has been told.

Dr Balamurali Krishnan Loganathan, who worked at Ninewells hospital in Dundee, faces allegations he looked at a picture of a patient’s breasts “for longer than required.”

A conduct hearing of the General Medical Council (GMC) began today (thur), after which the doctor could be struck off.

The GMC says his fitness to practice has been impaired and, and the panel heard the full charges against him.

The GMC says during a consultation with a woman named only as “Patient A” in August 2010 Dr Loganathan “looked at a picture of patient A’s breasts in her medical records for longer than required.”

The orthopaedic doctor also faces charges of placing her foot between his legs and against his crotch.

Further charges say he: “stroked [his] hand down the side and back of patient A’s calves” and placed her right and left foot between his legs against his crotch.

Another charge says: “when returning either foot to the floor [he] ran patient A’s leg in a downward motion across [his] crotch area.”

The GMC said it is clear the actions of Dr Loganathan, who is representing himself, were “sexually motivated” during the consultation of ‘patient A’.

Dr Loganathan admits he “did not offer or provide a chaperone to a patient”.

He denies 11 other charges of misconduct.

In February 2010 he was ordered to not carry out any consultations with females unless a chaperone was present.

In 2008, he also received a warning to “refrain from any form of physical contact which his colleagues may find offensive” unless it was in “life threatening situations”.

The alleged misconduct occurred while he was an employee for Dundee University working on contract for NHS Tayside.

Health chiefs say Dr Loganathan no longer works in Ninewells and the GMC are also unable to say whether, or where, the doctor is currently practicing.

Dr Loganathan, who qualified as doctor in Gulbarga, India must also tell the GMC if he is applying to any medical post outside of the UK, or any time he takes up a new medical post in the country.

He could be struck off after the hearing, which is held in Manchester chaired by David Kyle, if the allegations are found proved.

He is representing himself at the hearing, though will not be personally questioning the patient when she gives evidence, as she is classed as a “vulnerable witness.”

The GMC has appointed legal counsel to ask her questions on his behalf.