Four sisters survive breast cancer


Four inspiring sisters who have all beaten breast cancer are calling on women to sign up to Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life.

Having supported each other through breast cancer and losing their mum to the disease, the sisters are now joining forces to encourage as many women as possible to sign up to the Dundee event.

Carole Bennett, 47, Jane McCaffrey, 44, Ellen Ferrie, 38 and Susan Pyle, 43 will be guests of honour at the race on Sunday 17 June.

 L-R Ellen Ferrie,38 Susan Pyle,43, Carole Bennett,47 Jane McCaffrey,44

With just two weeks to go until registration closes for the Dundee Race for Life the brave sisters urged mothers, daughters, sisters, friends and colleagues to join the fight against cancer by signing up at

Carole Bennett has beaten breast cancer twice.

She was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1995 at the age of 30.

Their mum Victoria was undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer at the time.

Hairdressing salon owner Carole had surgery, followed by six months of chemotherapy and five weeks of radiotherapy.

Her sister Jane was then diagnosed with breast cancer – and Carole was diagnosed with breast cancer again while Jane was going through treatment.

School teacher Jane, 44, had no symptoms.

But after screening at the age of 28, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Jane had surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Their mum Victoria lost her six year battle with the disease in 2000.

By this time the family had been devastated by cancer but Carole said her sisters were a huge support to each other.

L-R Ellen Ferrie,38 Susan Pyle,43, Carole Bennett,47 Jane McCaffrey,44

Carole said: “I was scared when I found out I had cancer. I thought I was too young to get it. Then when Jane got it as well the family was turned upside down. It was hard for my Dad because my Mum was going through cancer and then two of his daughters were diagnosed as well. But we are a very close family and we have all helped each other get through it.”

Ten years later their sister Ellen, 38, was diagnosed with breast cancer age 33.

Ellen also had chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy.

And a year later in 2008 their sister Susan, 43-year-old mum of three was diagnosed with breast cancer age 40.

Carole added: “We are all so happy to still be here. And every year that goes by we all get a bit more positive! We wanted to share our story to help others see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. And we are delighted to support Cancer ResearchUKby doing Race for Life together. We hope to get sponsors and raise as much money as we can to help fund research.

“Thanks to research, we are still here. Success stories like ours would not be possible without the work of Cancer ResearchUK. And everyone who raises money through Race for Life is helping to keep improving early detection and treatment.”

Last year over 2600 women and girls in Dundee put their best foot forward and helped to raise more than £151,000 for vital research by taking part in 5K and 10K events.

Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life in partnership with Tesco is an amazing women-only series of events, which raises millions of pounds every year for life-saving research into 200 types of cancer.

L-R Ellen Ferrie,38 Susan Pyle,43, Carole Bennett,47 Jane McCaffrey,44

Race for Life is non-competitive.  Women can choose whether to walk, jog or run the 5k route.  Most are able to walk 5k in an hour and all women are welcome, regardless of whether they are taking part on their own or as part of a group.

Carolyn Johnston, Cancer Research UK’s Dundee events manager praised the sisters for their fundraising efforts and urged more women to sign up to Race for Life.

She said: “Carole, Jane, Ellen and Susan are the most amazing ambassadors for the charity and we are totally bowled over by their support. With their help we hope that as many women as possible sign up to Race events both here in Dundee and acrossScotland. It’s all of us versus cancer and we need you to join the fight with us.”

Carolyn continued: “We know women want to take part in Race for Life and may be worried they won’t be able to complete the course.  But Race for Life is not about being fast or fit.  It’s a celebration of sisterhood and hope.

“You have the choice of the 10k or 5k route in Dundee. Most women are able to walk 5k in an hour while chatting and having fun.  The really startling fact is that in the same period of time, around three people in Scotland will be diagnosed with cancer. ”

The sisters will run Race for Life next month 

To enter Race for Life visit or call 0871 641 1111