Crowning glory of Jubilee week at Aquarium


DEEP Sea World, Scotland’s national aquarium, is inviting younger visitors to become royalty for the day as part of their Kings and Queens event which takes place from June 2-5.

Any child who arrives at the aquarium in a home-made crown or tiara will receive £2 off the normal child admission price.

The youngsters will also be invited to leave their crowns or tiaras behind at the aquarium after their visit to be entered into a competition.

Deep Sea World’s Aisling Thornton said: “The plan is for us to ask anyone who has made their own crown or tiara to leave it with us here at the aquarium along with some contact details.

“We will then put them up on display and take some photos of them and feature them on our Facebook page. Whichever crown receives the most votes will win an annual membership to Deep Sea World for their whole family.

“Hopefully we’ll be inundated with ‘royalty’ for the event and staff are already looking forward to seeing queues of kings and queens lining up at reception!” she added.