Cheeky monarchy


CHIMPANZEES at Edinburgh Zoo are being treated to Jubilee-themed snacks this weekend to join in the patriotic party.

The 19 strong group will have a royally good time as they indulge in specially designed food.

Alison Bates, Primate Keeper at Edinburgh Zoo, said: “We always look for new ways of enriching our animal’s lives, especially at feeding time.  So for the Jubilee we decided to make union jack and crown inspired food sacks filled with a mixture of hay and lots of their fruity favourites.

Ricky, the oldest chimpanzee at Edinburgh Zoo

“Our chimps are extremely curious about new additions to their enclosure and headed straight for the sacks.  It’s always great to watch how they tackle our enrichment, with a few picking out the fruit carefully and others much messier chimps just tipping the sacks upside down to release the treats hidden inside.”