Monarchy business


MONKEYS have been raising a glass to the monarchy in the Scottish Highlands at the Highland Wildlife Park.

Keepers at the park laid on a special Jubilee themed treat for the park’s snow monkeys.  Union jack paper cups were overflowing with primate favourites including frozen fruit juices, pieces of fruit, honey and a mixture of dried fruit and nuts

David Barclay, Senior Animal Keeper at the Highland Wildlife Park, said: “Our group of 21 snow monkeys joined the rest of the nation in celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee.

Snow monkeys have been celebrating the Diamond Jubilee

“We are always thinking of new and exciting ways to provide our animals with enrichment to promote their natural foraging behaviours, and for this special occasion we decided to put a whole host of tasty treats in union jack paper cups for our snow monkeys to tear into…literally.

“The frozen juice in some of the cups puzzled some of them, but only for a while as they soon realised they have to tear the cup to get to the frozen liquid.  Other members of the monkey troop just ran off with the paper cups to play with them, which undoubtedly kept them entertained for a while.”