Workmen save cat sealed in bag and left to die


A LUCKY pet cat has been reunited with his owner after miraculously surviving a sickeningly cruel attempt to kill him.

Sinbad was abducted near his home in Fife and put inside a compost bag sealed with cable ties before being dumped in a bin.

In an incredible stroke of good luck, workmen heard the cat’s desperate cries for help and rescued him.

The traumatised ginger and white moggy had been desperately clawing at the inside of the bag for around 36 hours  in a bid to escape.

Sinbad suffered an eye injury after being sealed in the compost bag


Soaking wet, running a temperature and suffering an eye injury, Sinbad was taken to an animal rescue centre in Edinburgh.

The cat was dubbed “Pete” by SSPCA staff because he had no collar or other identifying marks.

But he was eventually identified and reunited with owner Garry Callaghan.

Mr Callaghan told the SSPCA that Sinbad had gone missing from his home in Kelty on Monday night.

The SSPCA said the terrified animal was rescued on Wednesday morning after workmen found him in the bin in a lay-by about a mile away.

SSPCA Senior Inspector John Chisholm said the culprit meant for Sinbad  to die.

The compost bag inside which Sinbad was sealed and then dumped.


He said: “This was a deliberate act of cruelty against a defenceless creature and I have no doubt in my mind that whoever did this mean for (Sinbad) to die.

“We don’t know how long he had been trapped inside the bag for, but he had clearly been scratching to get out and it may be that he injured his eye in the process.

“He’s very lucky to have been found otherwise he could very easily have suffocated to death.”

Causing unnecessary suffering and abandoning an animal are criminal offences and anyone found guilty of them can be banned from keeping animals for life.

Senior Inspector Chisholm added: “We are still very keen to speak to anyone with information relating to this deliberate and cruel act, particularly local residents who may have witnessed someone acting suspiciously in the area around Sinbad’s home.

“Calls can be made to our animal helpline on 03000 999 999.”