Murray’s mum tweets about the smell of male tennis star


ANDY Murray has been embarrassed by his mother yet again – after she tweeted about the smell of Goran Ivanisevic.

Judy Murray, who once described a player as “Deliciano”, was drawn into a conversation with BBC presenter Claire Balding.

Claire, who is covering the Wimbledon championships, tweeted to her followers last night: “I can confirm that Goran smells delicious.”

Judy has been known to comment on several of her son’s tennis rivals.

Judy quickly responded: “Could you elaborate please? What does he smell of? :)”

“Well I’d say it’s a spicy, woody, flavour,” tweeted back Claire, adding: “He was fresh out of the shower and had splashed on the after shave.”

Judy replied: “Rather like a decent shiraz then….?”

Her eye – and now, nose – for male tennis players has been a constant source of embarrassment for Murray.

Judy wrote a number of tweets about Guy Forget after spotting him during the French Open in Paris last year.

She wrote: “Things are looking up in the player café.  Guy Forget dans la maison.  He is Monsieur Unconventional Chic.”

“Short shorts in the most elegant legs. Mmmmm.”

She had an eye on Forget for the rest of the tournament.  In another tweet, she wrote: “Guy Forget just strolled thru hotel lobby in Lycra shorts. Nice start to my day.”

She also embarrassed Andy when she labelled his tennis rival Feliciano Lopez “Deliciano” at the Wimbledon competition last year.

During a match she tweeted: “Oooooooh Deliciano .??.??. looking good out there. As always.

“It’s a Felifest at Wimbledon tomorrow. Twice in one day. Too much. Way too much.”

The tweets prompted Murray, who went on to beat Lopez in the quarter final, to say it “about time she stopped with that nonsense.”