Anonymous tweets bring a touch of 50 shades to Glasgow


A GLASWEGIAN version of “mummy porn” trilogy Fifty Shades has become a massive hit on Twitter.

The mysterious wag has attracted 6,000 followers in a few days by giving a uniquely Scottish twist to the steamy novels.

EL James’ sexually explicit novels, which tell the story of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey living the highlife in Seattle.

The EL James book is the inspiration for the hilarious tweets Pic: J. Gimme


The tweets from @50ShadesGlasgow focus on much more earthy antics in Scotland’s biggest city.

The vast majority of the tweets are totally unprintable.

Relatively clean ones include: “It wasn’t by any means the ‘mile high club’ but a b****** on the top deck of a 75 bus while reading The Metro was just as exciting.”

The author tweeted on July 9: “Her excitement grew – the last time she was wrestled to the ground and tied in handcuffs was after getting caught shop-lifting in Primark.”

The same day the writer tweeted: “A candle lit table with 2 Farmfoods meals and Buckfast. She changed into her Primark lingerie for her man returning from probation.”

The account has gathered attention from all over Scotland with followers now inspired to make up their own raunchy tweets, with the hashtag  #50shadesofglasgow.

Listeners to the popular George Bowie and Suzie McGuire breakfast show on Radio Clyde 1 were also being encouraged to tweet their suggestions.

@lorac3572 said that the tweets made her giggle and offered her own: “He tied his staffy to the lamppost, grabbed me and ripped my tracky bottoms off round the back of Iceland.”

Fans have not been shy in coming forward with praise for the anonymous viral sensation.

@Cami_M92 said: “Totally buckled @50ShadesGlasgow’s tweets.”

Another tweeter, @Megaaaaaaaaaaaa, added: “@50ShadesGlasgow is better than reading the actual book #howlin.”