Release your inhibitions


MORE than half of all Scots feel their inhibitions are holding them back, according to a survey.

The research found that 51% of people living north of the border believed they were inhibited to the extent it stopped them achieving more.

And 50% of Scots questioned in the survey by a car firm also felt they lacked confidence.

The age at which Scots feel most inhibited is 28, according to the findings.

Just over 40% wished they had few inhibitions.

Paddy O’Donnell, a psychologist at Glasgow University, said: “In terms of inhibitions, the Scottish culture has traditionally been a very collective culture, where people don’t like to boast about their achievements. Humility plays a big part in Scottish culture.”

He added that Scotland’s complex relationship with its larger neighbour played a part.

“Scotland has always played the second fiddle to England and we feel slightly resentful towards that.

“Being such a junior partner to the formerly biggest empire of the world makes us think we are not as good as the big boys.”

The research was carried out to promote the launch of Peugot’s 208, the advertising for which encourages people to “Let your body drive”.