The Lady Boys of Bangkok are back in Edinburgh as Carnival Queens


THE LADYBOYS of Bangkok are back in Edinburgh for their 15th year starring in the new show- Carnival Queens.

Sequins, silver stilettos and skimpy outfits were all part of the dress code today for the open-air dance session. The Lady Boys were out learning the art of Zumba and preparing for their new show at the Meadows which starts on Saturday.

The 9-strong team of glamorous ladies dressed to impress while being accompanied by their male dancers who wore nun outfits-complete with flicks of eye-liner and curly wigs.

The Lady Boys had never tried Zumba before today


Sonia, one of the Lady Boys dressed in a gold tasseled dress, said: “I love the dancing and the beautiful outfits. I also love the Scottish Finale. We get to wear our pink and yellow tartan costumes.”

One male dancer dressed as Maria and posed excitably alongside the group of nuns.

The show this year is expected to be more glamorous than ever with more than 300 elaborate handmade costumes being displayed during the show.

Hits by Queen, Lady Gaga, Shirley Bassey and Katy Perry are to be performed by the Lady Boys.

Sandra Jolly, PR for the Lady Boys said: “A tartan finale will close the show featuring two Scottish anthems, 500 miles and Loch Lomond. It’s such a great end to the show. What other songs could you have in Scotland?”

The Lady Boys will wear their own tartan which is registered in their name. They first wore these kilts during a festival performed in 2005.

Philip Gandey, the show’s artistic director, said: “Carnival Queens’ is infused with the comedy, surprises and satire that only the Lady Boys can deliver and it resounds to the timeless Latin beats of fiesta and pulsates to the chart topping sounds of today.

“The result is the unique comedy cabaret experience ‘Carnival Queens’ which marks a new high for the spectacle that is The Lady Boys of Bangkok.”

The show will run from August 4-26 in the Sabai Pavillion at The Meadows.

Thai food served by Master Chef Khanittha Pornnharm will be on offer at the shows along with two bars at the Big Top event.