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Mum and son recover after transplant op

A STUDENT who risked being thrown off his course to give his mother a kidney says it was worth every penny.

Daniel Autumn donated a kidney to his mother who suffered from a degenerative condition which meant she needed dialysis three times a week.

Carolyne Douglas is recovering well after the transplant operation at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary last month.


Carolyne and son Daniel are recovering after a successful kidney transplant


Her 25-year-old son, who is studying psychology at the city’s Heriot-Watt University, owed £1800 in course costs.

But he could not work over the summer as planned to pay the bill because of the impending operation.

Heriot-Watt refused to defer the fees but Daniel was so determined to help his mother he was prepared to go in to debt and even be thrown off his course.

Thankfully, kind members of the public stepped in with donations worth £1,500

A relieved Daniel said: “Everything is fine. The operation went really well and we’re getting better.

“Mum’s already started to the feel the effects and says she feels better than she has done in years.

“She wants to get out and do stuff but she can’t just yet as she’s had major surgery.

“All I wanted was to see her feeling that way – to give her a second chance is what it has all been about.”



Carolyne, a mother of four, said the lengths her son went to in order to help her were “unbelievable”.

She said: “It is amazing. It’s just unbelievable that everything has worked out so well.

“It is a real happy ending. I am so thankful to Daniel – he was so brave.

“I’d also like to thank the public for raising the money so he can carry on a university.

“It’s incredibly kind and it has restored my faith in human nature.”

Daniel, who plans to return to his course in September, said: “Words can’t describe how thankful I am to the people that donated the money.

“I am overwhelmed by how generous and kind-hearted people have been.

“Now it’s over and we are both on the mend I don’t really have any bad feelings towards the finance people at the university.

“They could have been more understanding but I am just happy my mum is alive.”

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