Robert the Booze: beer named after Scots hero to launch at festival


IT’S Robert the Brew- a beer named after the famous Scottish king is being launched at a festival in his honour.

Visitors to the Bruce Festival in Dunfermline will be able to toast their hero with de Brus Dunfermline Blond Ale.

The beer is the brainchild of David Austin, a café owner who wanted to give the town it’s own distinctive ale.

Ale to the chief: "Robert" sports the new beer


He came up with the idea for the Bruce booze after surveying beers on offer at Reuben’s Café and Wine Store.

He said: “The de Brus Dunfermline Blond Ale is the town’s own beer. We stock a lot of Scottish ales but, until now, there was nothing local.

“We gave a lot of thought to what the ale should taste like and how it should be presented.

“We wanted a name that was inclusive and unites everyone and there is no bigger figure in Dunfermline’s history than Robert the Bruce.”

He continued: “It’s a blond ale and is quite modern in taste and appearance but we’ve also incorporated a lot of traditional elements, like a touch of honey, which has been an important ingredient of Scottish ales for many centuries. It’s a pure and distinctive taste.

“We are looking forward to giving visitors to the Bruce Festival a chance to try our Bruce ale. It’s an ideal fit – a beer named after Robert the Bruce at a festival in his honour.”



Attractions at the Bruce Festival include medieval dance displays by Living History Scotland, free archery lessons and a fun treasure hunt through The Glen.

Maggie Mitchell, Dunfermline Delivers chief executive, said: “The de Brus Dunfermline Blond Ale is distinctive and full of character – much like the town it’s named after – and adds yet more local flavour to this year’s Bruce Festival.

“We’re delighted to offer visitors to this year’s festival a chance to give it a try.”

The festival will be held on 25 and 26 August at Pittencrief Park, Dunfermline.