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Man Vs 15,000 calorie burger

A SCOTTISH cafe is trying to find a customer who can polish off its 15,000-calories burger – called the Judgement Day.

The monster contains more calories than the recommended weekly maximum for a woman.

The artery-busting creation contains  a 1lb Aberdeen Angus steak burger, three chicken breast burgers, six rashers of bacon, three  fried eggs, two portions of chips, a stack of onion rings, a helping of homemade beef chilli, grilled onions, a mound of cheese – and, of course, the obligatory salad.


The owner took inspiration for the burger from the TV hit Man Vs Food


Perhaps not surprisingly, the The Spinnaker Café, Oban, has yet to find a customer who can do more than “make a dent” in the Judgement Day.

To beat the challenge, the plate has to be cleared within 45 minutes.

The first winner will eat for free and earn a place on the Spinnaker wall of fame.

The growing army of vanquished contestants have to fork out for the burger’s whopping £24.95 price tag.

Owner Iain MacCorqoudale, 32, said he was inspired by the hit TV show Man Vs Food.

He said: “I had a guy who plays rugby give it a go. He was huge but he couldn’t finish it.

“Another guy who did food challenges before tried – he only ate half of it and had to take the rest home for his dinner.

“I had two boys in their late teens or early 20’s and they didn‘t even make a dent in it.”

He added: “There has to be someone out there who can finish it. I have seen people on the telly eat bigger.

“Whoever manages it deserves to have it for free – it is some feat.”

Iain said he knew nutritionists would condemn the grotesque size and content of the burger but said it should be looked at “in the spirit of fun”.

“I would tell any health critics this is not meant to be taken seriously.

“The burger is 100% steak meat so it is actually quite healthy – it is just the quantity that is ridiculous.

“We are not suggesting that you eat these all the time – take it in the spirit of fun.”

Nutritionist Lilia Sinclair, from Argyll, said the challenge could be harmful.

She said: “As a health expert one of the big things that we recommend is to chew your food until it is liquid and eat mindfully.

“The digestive system plays a big part in your immune system as the way to digest and absorb nutrition.

“Ramming loads of food into the body will overload it, then the body has a lot of work to do to break it up and move it through.

“You will be exhausted, bloated and the body will store the excess.”

The Judgment Day burger in Oban is the latest in a string of food challenges.

The Titanic Ice Cream Sundae Challenge by Afterz ice cream parlour in Edinburgh boasted 20 scoops of ice cream, whipped cream, smarties, skittles and sauces in the monster dessert.

This chilled challenge, containing at least 3,000 calories, cost £10 but is free to anyone who finishes in under 15 minutes.

At the opposite end of the scale a ‘killer curry’ was offered to punters of the Kismot Indian restaurant in Edinburgh.

Participants were even rushed to A&E after vomiting and fainting during the challenge.

Kismot’s owner Abdul Ali was even warned to tone down his curry by the Scottish Ambulance Service who said a review is needed in challenges where “emergency ambulances are required to treat their customers”.


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