Man proposes with a Haribo ring


AN AYRSHIRE man has emerged as the sweetest groom-to-be in the country – after he proposed to his girlfriend with a ring-shaped Haribo.

Paul Payne, 31, from Kilwinning, North Ayrshire, had already bought an engagement ring for his partner Ann Marie Burns.

But on a visit to a possible wedding location, romantic Paul got so carried away he decided to propose there and then.


There was no time for wedding bands so a Haribo sweetie took the glory


And then only object Paul could find to serve as a temporary ring was the ring-shaped Haribo sweet in his pocket.

Ann Marie, 30, was delighted at Paul’s proposal.

The couple were visiting the Lochside House Hotel in New Cumnock,  East Ayrshire, on the banks of Loch Creoch.

Ann said: “Paul was really inspired by how beautiful it was and decided whilst we were there that he wanted to get engaged.

“But he didn’t have a ring so I had to make do with Haribo ring until I got my real ring the next day.”

The unorthodox proposal also means that the Ayrshire couple have earned a spot in the semi-final of West FM’s annual Wedding Competition worth £11,000.

If Paul and Ann Marie win they will find themselves back at the very same place they got engaged as the winning couple will be married at the Lochside.

Ann Marie, a marketing co-ordinator for an Irvine-based company, is delighted at being put through to the semi-finals of the competition.

She added: “I’m very excited – obviously. And the fact that it’s going to be held at Lochside where we got engaged is incredible!

“Lochside will always have a special place in our hearts and we were told that we’re only the second couple to get engaged there.”

The couple have saved £500 towards the cost of their big day but if they win the competition they plan to donate the cash to North Ayrshire Cancer Care.

Ann Marie said: “There’s a lot of special people that wouldn’t be able to attend our wedding so that charity means a lot to us in that respect.”

Ten couples remain in the semi-final, with three of those going through to the final stage of the competition where they’ll be interviewed on West FM.

Voting is now open but closes at midnight on Sunday, August 19.

To vote for Ann Marie and Paul visit West FM’s website.